23/01/2012 - Hot Hunks

Today we mostly talked about men... as apparently us women like to see men in a certain item.

What do you like to see a man wearing?

Fresh clean white underpants or an all in one skin tight suit to wear under his leathers.

An Apron

A Smile :)

A Onesie

Rigger Boots!!!

Apparently most women actually like to see a man in a suit, James Bond style!

A poll came out today about the hottest men in 2013, shockingly Beckham wasn't at the #1 spot!

1.  Tom Daley

2. Channing Tatum

3. David Beckham

4.  Zac Efron

5.  Ryan Gosling

Personally, I think Zac Efron should be crowned hottest hunk!

Surprisingly, Harry Styles was at #6 too!

We didn't just talk about men today, Ed found out that people with heated car seats are happier!

I can see why - they have toasty bums in this cold weather.

Some of you said heated car seats feel like you've wet yourself!! 

See you on Thursday :) x

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