19/10/12 - Gary Barlow is Coming to the West Midlands

Hello everyone, it's FRIDAY!

Half term next week and Ed's off on a nice holiday for the week, but we will be joined by the amazing Julian on Heart Breakfast!

Today, Gary Barlow released tickets for his solo tour! He's going to be in the West Midlands stopping by at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on December 30th!

We were very happy to have Gary Barlow on the phone, have a listen back to our chat!

Gary Barlow Calls Ed & Rachel...

Gaz sounds well doesn't he?

Also today, we found out about a list about the clothes women regret they buy and the top item is leather trousers! There were so many wrong guesses, which probably should have made it to the list such as a snood, boob tube and a few wedding dresses were mentioned too! Here's the Top 15.

1. Leather trousers

2. Shell suits

3. Velour tracksuits

4. Fluorescent outfits

5. See through tops

6. Bum Bags

7. Crop tops

8. Puffa Jacket

9. Crocs

10. Thigh high boots

11. Hot pants

12. Clogs

13. Miniskirts

14. Flared trousers

15. Ponchos 

Don't wear leather trousers ladies!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

Ed and Rachel

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