6 marathons in 7 days

A Wiltshire dad is raising thousands of pounds to help the doctors who saved his sons life. Simon Benney's running the equivilent of 6 marathons in 7 days in the Sahra desert from today.

Simon Benney said: "They saved my son's life.  My third son got hit by a car and a swift medic doctor helped him within 5 mintues and saved him so that's very important for me."

"Temperatures are around 35 to 40 degrees, it's a lot of miles 250 kilometers.  You carry all your kit, all your food, all your medical kit, all your clothes.  It;s one of the toughest marathons.  A lot of guys don't make it, they have to bail out, and there are one of two deaths unfortunately."

He's also raising money for the Princes' Trust.

You can sponsor Simon here

You can find out more about Swift medics here