Chief Constable talks cut backs

"We need to make 5.6 million pounds in cut backs but front line staff won't be affected." That's the promise from Wiltshire Police.

They need to make the savings over the next 3 years and have just told their 2 thousand plus officers their plans in 23 road shows.  The plans will include things like longer leases on cars, and sharing resources and training with other forces.  Although Chief Constable Brian Moore says there won't be any job cuts they are looking to cut back on the number of Chief Inspectors and Inspectors in the force.  This will be through "natural wastage", so if anyone should leave their post or retire then they won't necessarily be replaced.

We're told that ALL areas will be looked at.  The dog section will be one of those.

Chief Constable Brian Moore said: "They're very expensive to train and retain, so we think working with other forces, we don't all need specialist explosive detective dogs the whole time.  We should be able to share our specialist skills and assets a bit more."

Chief Constable Brian Moore also assured us that these savings and working with other forces does not mean we'll see Wiltshire Police merged with another force.

"Absolutely not. We have no plans to merge our force with any other, there's no need to quite frankly, and the costs of doing that will actually be more than we're trying to save at the moment."

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