Chile earthquake

Imagine hearing that your family home has been struck by an earthquake so powerful over 2 hundred people have been killed. That's what Claudia, who lives in Swindon, was faced with when central Chile had a quake measuring 8.8 on the richter scale.

Some reports say the shakes were felt for 2 minutes.  A tsumani then battered the west of Santiago, already hit by the earthquake.  The waves were 1.69 meters above normal sea level. 

Claudia's family home was destroyed and they're now living in tents, her grandmother sleeping under a tree with no shelter.

It wasn't the biggest earthquake the country has seen.  In 1960 over 1,600 people died in the biggest earthquake in the 20th century measuring 9.5 magnitude.

Hear how Claudia coped with the news

Claudia is holding a fuindraising event at the De Vere Hotel in Swindon on 24th April.  She's a dance teacher and the night will be a 'Strictly Latin Dance' night.  To buy tickets call her on 07933 793851