Digital switchover starts

Non-digital signals for all analogue channels are switched of at the Mendip transmitter on 7th April, meaning thousands of Wiltshire homes will have to re-tune your tvs.

From Wednesday you won't be able to watch the channel without Sky, free view or cable if you come under the Mendip transmitter.  Wiltshire comes under 3 different TV transmitters with some people not affected until 2011.  Find out when you are here.

Digital UK's South West regional manager Bill Taylor told Heart "Lot's of people think, quite understandably, that I've got a free view box so I don't need to do anything. You do. If you're watching any TV that gets signal through an ariel you need to do something today and on the 7th of April for the big digital TV switchover."

For people who have any problems when re-tuning he added:

" When the whole network goes live with digital the equipment can get a bit confused about which transmitter it should pick up a signal from. We can fix that, we can advise people how to tweak their equipment to get digital TV. Just give Digital UK a call if you have any worries."

You can call Digital Uk's helpline on 08456 50 50 50 or use the links on the right to visit their website.