General Election: Wiltshire Results

9 June 2017, 08:33

Ballot Box

It's as you were in Wiltshire with the Conservatives keeping hold of all of their seats

CHIPPENHAM: Conservative hold 
Michelle Donelan (C) 31,267
Helen Belcher (LD) 14,637
Andrew Newman (Lab) 11,236 

Conservative majority 16,630
5.46% swing Lib Dem to Conservative
Turnout 57,140 (74.76%) 

SALISBURY: Conservative hold
John Glen (C) 30,952
Tom Corbin (Lab) 13,619
Paul Sample (LD) 5,982
Dean Palethorpe (UKIP) 1,191
Brig Oubridge (Green) 1,152
King Arthur Pendragon (Ind) 415 

Conservative majority 17,333
3.88% swing Conservative to Labour
Turnout 53,311 (73.14%) 

SWINDON NORTH: Conservative hold
Justin Tomlinson (C) 29,431
Mark Dempsey (Lab) 21,096
Liz Webster (LD) 1,962
Steve Halden (UKIP) 1,564
Andy Bentley (Green) 858 

Conservative majority 8,335
3.69% swing Conservative to Labour
Turnout 54,911 (68.47%) 

SWINDON SOUTH: Conservative hold
Robert Buckland (C) 24,809
Sarah Church (Lab Co-op) 22,345
Stan Pajak (LD) 2,079
Martin Costello (UKIP) 1,291
Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn (Green) 747 

Conservative majoity 2,464
3.47% swing Conservative to Labour
Turnout 51,271 (70.83%,) 

WILTSHIRE NORTH: Conservative hold
James Gray (C) 32,398
Brian Mathew (LD) 9,521
Peter Baldrey (Lab) 9,399
Phil Chamberlain (Green) 1,141
Paddy Singh (UKIP) 871
Lisa Tweedie (Ind) 376 

Conservative majority 22,877
0.48% swing Lib Dem to Conservative
Turnout 53,706 (75.21%) 

WILTSHIRE SOUTH WEST: Conservative hold
Dr Andrew Murrison (C) 32,841
Laura Pictor (Lab) 14,515
Trevor Carbin (LD) 5,360
Christopher Walford (Green) 1,445  
Liam Silcocks (Ind) 590 

Conservative majority 18,326
2.87% swing Conservative to Labour
Turnout 54,751 (71.20%)

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