Learn To Fight Fires and Give First Aid

You could train to fight fires, give first aid and manage major incidents for free in Wiltshire.

Castle Combe circuit are doing a training session for anyone who wants to give it a try. They say it's really good experience for anyone who wants a career in the emergency services, but can't get in yet because of the cuts. Nicky Fawdington, Chief Marshal of the Castle Combe Racing Club, which runs the car race meetings at Castle Combe told Heart, “We teach skills such as fire-fighting, first aid, dealing with incidents, communications and logistics so it’s not difficult to see why a trained marshal is far more likely to be able to deal with an accident at home, in the workplace or on the public road. Whilst a new marshal would not be expected to deal with a major incident at a meeting, the gradual familiarisation with high tension situations allows people to develop the mental strength needed to cope when things go in the wrong direction. This is incredibly important and can make the difference between saving a life or being unable to act.” 

An insight into the training provided and the skills which can be learnt, is on show at the circuit’s annual Marshals Training Day on Sunday March 27.
There are marshalling opportunities  for any fit and healthy person over 18 at Castle Combe and a 'career structure' is in place to enable progression to positions of major responsibility.
To take part in the training day, simply turn up at the circuit from 07-00 am. There is no obligation or cost and no special equipment is needed, apart from warm outdoor clothing. Refreshments are provided.

The event takes place in the Wiltshire College building, just inside the entrance to the Westway car park and runs until 17-00.

Further information can be obtained from Nicki Fawdington via email on afawdington@hotmail.com or by contacting Emma Burns at the Circuit office on 01249 782417.