Living in fear of cancer

A Wiltshire woman has told Heart NHS cuts have left her living in fear of getting cancer.

Sarah from Swindon contacted Heart to tell us about her fight for women of all ages to be tested for cervical cancer.

Sarah has had a partial hysterectomy, which means she can't have a smear test, but there are other tests available, the only problem is her GP says they no longer do the tests because they are too costly.

With a history of cancer in her family Sarah fears the worst and told Heart it is very frightening:

Listen to Sarah

Heart contacted NHS Swindon for their reaction and they issued the following statement:

The cervical screening programme is a free screening programme offered to all eligible women between the ages of 25 – 64 years.  Between the age of 25 -50 the screen is offered every 3 years and between the age of 50 – 64 years, every 5 years.   Some women may not require regular cervical screening tests, e.g. those who have had their uterus and cervix removed previously. The woman’s GP will be able to advise if they require the screening tests or not.  All eligible women are invited automatically by the Cervical Cancer Screening Office and the screening test is conducted at the woman’s GP Practice, Carfax NHS Medical Centre or the Swindon Contraception and Sexual Health Service.  If any individual is concerned about the service they are given we would encourage them to return to their GP or contact NHS Swindon’s Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) on 01793 708758 or