Make Your Mark

Swindon children are being offered a tenner to see how many times they can multiply it.

The campaign called 'Make Your Mark' is being launched in Swindon by Property Developer and Secret Millionaire Caroline Marsh.

The competition challenges young people to make as much money, and social impact as they can with a £10 note - in just one month.

Make Your Mark with a Tenner, run by Enterprise UK is open to young people under 19 years olds. Up to twenty thousand young people will each be given a £10 note and will have just one month (March 2010) to come up with creative, enterprising ideas to multiply their money. Once the £10 loans have been returned at the end of the competition, participants can either keep their profits to develop their business idea further or donate them to a good cause.

Caroline Marsh said:  “I think it is our jobs as entrepreneurs, people who have been there and done that, to inspire young people, and help them realise their potential.  This is the second year I have been involved with Make Your Mark with a Tenner, and I think its overriding benefit is that is proves to young people they can do it.  In Swindon we will be linking up participants with local businesses and entrepreneurs; the opportunity to learn new things and share information will be invaluable to all taking part.  I am looking forward to seeing the results this year.”

So far two schools from Swindon have signed up to the challenge: Swindon Academy and St Joseph’s Catholic School.

Teachers and tutors can enter the competition on behalf of their school or college by completing an application form here