A month after assault

1 June 2010, 06:00

Police will be out in Swindon on Monday evening, a month on from a serious sexual assault in the Manchester Road area.

From 10pm officers will be speaking to people working in the area, including taxi drivers and carrying out door to door enquiries.  It comes after a 36 year old woman claimed she was assaulted in her own home in the Manchester Road/Corporation Street area of the town on Tuesday 4th May (2 days before the general election).  The victim says she didn't know the 2 offenders, but they had engaged her in conversation in Alfred Street, where they told her that they had ordered a taxi and would they be allowed to await its arrival in her home, which she agreed to.  It is believed that the 2 men are friends and spend time together.

Detective Inspector Andy BRIDGE has been leading the investigation into this serious assault, and a number of leads have been followed, but to date the 2 suspects haven't been identified.

DI BRIDGE and his Investigating team are also keen to hear from anyone who recognises the description of a polo shirt worn by one of the men: 

  • Dark navy Polo shirt with three buttons on the neck line opening;
    Yellow line inset slightly on the collar of the polo shirt not directly along the edge
    Possible yellow line along the bottom of the polo shirt around the edge
    A yellow shape 'shield emblem' on the left hand side of the polo shirt, with possible lettering inside not writing or a word.

Does this shirt relate to a club or team?  Is it a shirt that is worn by employees at a place of work?

CCTV footage has been released of 2 potential witnesses.  These 2 men are not suspected of the offence. We are asking for either of these 2 men, or anyone who knows their identity, to contact us as soon as possible.