Noise Action Week

Wiltshire council staff will be touring the county for the next five days as part of their Noise Action Week.

They'll be offering information, help and advice on how to deal with noisy neighbours. Staff also want to make people think about how noisy they are at home, work, school or college and during their leisure time.

National research reveals around 500, 000 people in the UK say they have moved house to escape noisy neighbours. But Wiltshire Council insist they can take tough action against those who continue to be a nuisance. Back in March, a Trowbridge man was fined £150 and lost all of his stereo equipment and CD's after pleading guilty to two charges of breaching a noise abatement notice served under section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act.

If you need any help or advice, head along to one of the noise action roadshows:

Monday 26th April: Fore Street, Trowbridge. 9am to 12noon

Tuesday 27th April: Cheese Market, (in front of Salisbury Library) Salisbury. 9am to 2pm

Wednesday 28th April: High Street, Marlborough (in front of Waitrose). 9am to 2pm

Thursday 29th April: Central car park, Devizes. 9am to 2pm

Friday 30th April: Market Place, Chippenham. 9am to 2pm