Not enough affordable homes

People are putting off having children because they can't afford to buy a big enough home. Shelter have just released a league table showing how local authorities aren't providing enough affordable housing. They say Swindon is only providing 46% of the afforable housing needed while Wiltshire is performing even worse providing just 26%.

Wiltshire council say building affordable homes is a priority but with the recession and funding issues from the government it's difficult to keep up with demand.

Swindon Borough Council say it's hit its target of delivering an average of 300 affordable homes a year since 2005.

Cllr David Renard, Cabinet Member for Health, Housing and Adult Social Care, said: “Swindon has been very successful in delivering a range of affordable housing for people on lower incomes.

“The homes the council can deliver is dependant upon the number we can get built by private developers, the number we can build as a council or with our housing association partners using Government grants.

“During the recession, very few have been built by private developers so the council has stepped in to begin delivering new council housing. Some of these will be the most eco-friendly council homes in the country.”