Rise in road rage against learners

A Malmesbury driving instructor has been telling Heart there's been a massive rise in road rage against his pupils in the last 12 months.

Ray Sanderson has been teaching for over 40 years and says impatient drivers are causing a big problem.

Hear from Ray here

The AA says it's a big issue across the whole country, with many of their instructors seeing incidents so bad, they've been forced to report them to the police.

Tailgating and aggressive or dangerous overtaking are the most common issues, followed by verbal abuse, rude hand gestures, blowing the horn – and even car-ramming, racial abuse and threats of physical violence.

And it seems it's not just drivers. The AA say a number of incidents involving pedestrians have been reported to them, with people throwing stones, eggs, fireworks and even firing paintballs at cars driven by learners. One group of teens pretended to trip over and then lay down on the road in front of the car, forcing the learner to hit the brakes.

There's now pleas for more consideration towards learners. Remember - we were all beginners at one point.