Soldiers return to Wiltshire

Hundreds of soldiers who pioneered armoured tanks and mine-clearing systems in Afghanistan are due to return home to Wiltshire.

Troops from 8 Armoured Engineer Squadron and 4 Troop 30 Armoured Engineer Squadron, 26 Engineer Regiment, will return to Swinton Barracks, after a challenging three months in Helmand province.  This was the first time Trojan and Python were used to clear safe lanes for advancing troops through suspected fields of improvised explosive devices.

The work the squadron conducted was to provide infrastructure enhancements that would protect the soldiers throughout Helmand, not only from the enemy threat, but also from the rigours of winter.  This work was spread across the area and included constructing and repairing medical and living accommodation, improving mortar protection, constructing water tanks, strengthening sangars and constructing ablution facilities.