Special Constable Vacancies in Wiltshire

Wiltshire Police are currently looking for applications from members of the public who are interested in becoming special constables.

It comes as the force prepares for around 350 job losses because of funding cuts.

Chief Constable Brian Moore said "As I am sure you know, my colleagues and I are committed to delivering a safe, satisfied and confident communities in Wiltshire. To achieve our goals, we need a strong, vibrant and motivated Special Constabulary and I am delighted with the progress we have made so far in recruiting new members, but we need to do much more. Being a special constable is a wonderfully positive way of contributing to your community. You will receive first class training and exposure to unique experiences that can only help enhance your personal and professional development."

To support the drive, a number of familiarisation days are being planned around the County. The next is in Swindon on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 at Gablecross starting at 19:00. Anyone who wants to go can book a place using the link on the right.