Stay out of Quarries

29 May 2010, 06:00

Last year 4 boys were killed after breaking into quarries.

With 16 active and disused quarries in Wiltshire kids are being warned these are no go areas for a very good reason.  The lads died last year after falling down the quarry face or drowning.

A survey of quarry managers in the South West found that 68% had experienced trespass in their sites.

Mineral products Association are launching a Stay Safe campaign to warn children of the dangers like ice-cold water, steep cliffs, falling rocks and quicksand pools.  it's being back by the parents of 2 boys who died last year.

In April 2009 18 year old Jay Harris fell around 100 feet to his death at a quarry in Nuneaton in Warwickshire.  His father Steve has this message: "He was the life and soul to his friends, he was the glue that held them together and they're lost without him.  if something like this can happen to someone as charismatic and as loved as Jay, I can assure you it can happen to anyone."

Ryan Walker was 15 when he drowned in a disused quarry in Derbyshire in May last year.  His mother Tracy said: "Kids think that they're indestructible and nothing will happen to them, but look what happened to Ryan.  He's lost his life going into a quarry that looked like a tropical paradise.  it was a lovely, sunny day but nobody knows the dangers of getting into the water."

The campaign features a Facebook page "Stay Safe.. Stay out of Quarries" which has a number of videos on it including a 99 Quarry rescue video.