Tami's battle against cancer

A Wiltshire woman who has been fighting cancer for the last 7 years is now trying out a radical new therapy.

27-year-old Tami Brown from Swindon has just started taking regular ultra-high doses of Vitamin C and mistletoe.

Tami was 20 when an expected appendicitis removal turned out to be a 90mm tumour inside her colon, she had 7 months of chemotherapy and went into remission for 4-and-a-half years.

But a routine scan showed that half of Tami's liver was cancerous and she had just 3 months to live, that meant more surgery and doctors telling her she had a 50/50 chance of never having the cancer return.

But a year later the cancer did return and the prognosis was worse than ever, with both of Tami's lungs having cancerous tumours.

"There is nothing surgically that can be done for me as both lungs are affected. I have been offered chemotherapy but due to the very violent side affects I seem to encounter with chemotherapy drugs I no longer see this as an option as I have no quality of life. In the Summer of 2010 doctors concluded that I have roughly 12 months left to live and this is where the story of me could end."

"I'm not prepared to end this life right now, I’ve got so much more to give and so much to live for. I have dreams and ambitions still to come true. I have adventures and fun still waiting for me and memories yet to be made. I want to have a chance at experiencing all that life can offer me and there’s so much I want to give back to the world."

"Although I have given up on conventional drug-treatment I am not backing out of this fight. I am prepared to do all I can to have a chance of being around longer for myself, my family, my friends and for other people dealing with this frightening disease."

Tami is looking for help to fund her treatment, you can find out more at www.tamiswish.org/