Unwanted Rabbits in Wiltshire

30 April 2010, 12:52

This week is Rabbit Awareness Week, offering advice to owners and those thinking about buying a bunny.

Rabbits are now the third most popular British pet and it is estimated that there are between 1.6 and 2 million pet rabbits in the UK. However, at least 80% of rabbits are not being fed correctly.

Cotton Tails Rescue centre in Westbury was set up 17 years ago, and specialises in looking after and re-homing abandoned bunnies and guinea pigs. Currently, they're taking in three to four unwanted rabbits a week. One of the key problems appears to be obesity, as one in two of older rabbits that arrive at the centre are overweight.

Some of the key tips include:

* Hay, or forage, is not just for sleeping on - it's the most important part of your rabbit's diet.
* Plenty of fresh hay should be given daily.
* Don't feed a muesli mix, as your rabbit will simply pick out the bits it likes and leave the rest, missing out on vital nutrients.
* Make sure your rabbit has access to fresh, clean water at all times.
* Never feed your rabbit human food. Some human food is poisonous to rabbits, so don't take the risk.