What a mess

Kids are trampling in dog mess and walking it into the classroom in Cricklade. In recent weeks, there's been lots of complaints about the amount of dog fouling on the footpaths around St Sampsons infant and junior schools.

Dog warden Seb Williams says if left there for a long time the faeces could harbour feaces and be harmful to children.  He says: "The disease which causes blindness develops in the faeces after it's been sat there for a couple of weeks so people aren't at risk from picking the faeces up straight away."

Hear more from dog warden Seb Williams

Anyone caught not cleaning up after their dog will be given a £75 fixed penalty notice.

Also as part of efforts to rid the town of dog mess, there will be a Dog Advice Day run by Seb on Friday 26 March at the Town Council Offices. It will be held between 9 am - 4 pm.  If you need any advice about your dog or want to talk about dog related problems in and around Cricklade, come along and speak to the Dog Warden. No need for an appointment, just call in.