Changes at Wiltshire Police

Wiltshire police are making big changes to the way they work, but the force insists it won't lead to longer response times.

From this week the number of response areas are being cut from nine to four and officers are having their shifts changed so there's more of them out at the most busy times, like Friday and Saturday night.

Staff are also being asked to change their shifts so there are more officers out at the most busy times, like Friday and Saturday nights.

officers are being told to work locally, and maximise their time outside the police station.

It's all part of a move to save 15 million pounds.

Chief Constable Brian Moore said:

‘We’ve listened to what the public have said and in designing the way we police the county as we move forward we’ve taken into account what the public say they value most in the police service.

‘There is a strong emphasis on keeping policing local in our new ways of working – people will still have their Neighbourhood Policing Team working in their community. We’re changing how our response officers work to make us more flexible and dynamic and provide the policing service you want at the times you want.

‘The changes reflect the need to save up to £15 million over four years, but in introducing new ways of working and doing things differently we continue to maintain good performance in tackling crime against a backdrop of an overall fall in crime over the last three years of 15%.’