Apparently a new phone’s out today

21st September: It’s just a phone. You use it to ring people and talk, or send the odd text. It doesn’t do the laundry and can’t do the washing up for you.

And yet… and yet…

I just can’t help myself. I want one. The photographs of all the keen geeks queueing up for hours to collect their new iPhone 5 clinched it. They all want one – and it made me want to be in the new phone gang too.

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with my current phone. In fact, up until a few hours ago, it was the most up-to-date iPhone you can get. But now it joins the graveyard of phones considered “old” at just a few months.

Spare a thought for those “past it” phones. Poor things…

Old Phones

And spare a thought for the people who’ll have to put up with work colleagues / family members / partners bragging for the next month about their brand new gadget. We all know one don’t we?

Hayley’s joining the ranks of those who are most definitely NOT excited about it. She tweeted us to tell us why: “I'm going to be ignored by my partner all night tonight for his new iPhone 5.”

Hayley, my thoughts are with you.