Are you ever too old for birthdays?

2nd October: STOP THE PRESS.

Something truly incredible has taken place today. We are in the presence of something magnificent.

It is the anniversary of my birth. Or, as they say, my birthday. I know, I know. You are overwhelmed with excitement on my behalf. *cough*

Seriously though, I've been getting lots of stick for "milking" my birthday. Just because I happened to point out the benefits of having a mid-week birthday (you can celebrate over TWO weekends, not one), I'm a "birthday diva".

Apparently, once you become an adult, birthdays are just another day.

Which may explain why my memo to all staff wasn't taken particularly seriously:

Birthday memo from Molly

















After excitedly telling the world about my impending birthday (what? They needed time to prepare!), I was a deeply saddened to find my memo had been VANDALISED after I left the office:

Vandalised birthday memo

















In the end, the office guys bought me a Gary Barlow pillow case for my birthday. What more does a girl need in life?!

So tell me, are you ever too old to celebrate a birthday? Any other "birthday divas" out there?!