August 2012: The month of the tissue

6th August: I can see the headlines now, "British tissue shortage forces up sales of old fashioned hankies".

Or something like that.

It's inevitable isn't it? With all the amazing emotional scenes coming from The Olympics it's surely only a matter of time before tissues are in short supply.

Especially after the weekend. I don't think there's ever been a weekend when I've cheered, shouted and sobbed at the TV as much. And I'm not even a massive sports fan! I can't help it - Team GB have me on the edge of my seat.

Like most of Britain, we had The Olympics on the telly all weekend. I watched the Games pretty much constantly - along with about ten other members of my family. At times grown men were reduced to tears in my living room, so overcome by the emotion of seeing yet another British athlete sobbing as they received their gold medal.

It's impossible to keep a stiff upper lip during those scenes. As Jessica Ennis crossed the finish line after her 800m victory, I was in bits. As Mo Farah's heavily pregnant wife hobbled down the steps to greet her newly triumphant husband, along with their daughter, I glanced down my Facebook timeline and saw all my Facebook friends were sobbing too.

And then came Andy Murray's match. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm an emotional wreck. And the week's not even properly got started yet.

I'm telling you, those shops need to stock up on their tissues before any more of us end up in tears!

How about you? Did you cry at the TV this weekend? (Go on, own up, I won't tell anyone...)