Battle of the sexes, suitcase style

19th July: It's something thousands of people across Wiltshire will be doing this week. And it may well cause a few arguments.


Or, holiday packing, to be precise.

And we've noticed that men and women appear to take rather different approaches when it comes to filling the suitcase before holiday.

Here's what I do before my holiday. If you tick at least three of these points, it means you are a packer of the female variety (according to our very scientific experiment *ahem*)...

1) The whole packing process begins at least 2 weeks before the actual holiday date.

2) Make lists. These lists are often categorised into different areas, like "Food for the journey" and "Toiletries". 

3) Put aside clothes as they are freshly washed, ready to go in the suitcase. If the husband wants his favourite t'shirt he has to wait until we arrive at the holiday destination. 

4) Place clothes in piles, separated into different types, e.g. "swimwear pile", "pants pile" etc.

5) Pack all toiletries in a bag two days before, thus leaving no toothbrush handy for the night before we leave.

And here's what Jez does:

1) Let's wife do all family packing, while he throws a couple of pairs of shorts in a bag. 


So how did you do?