The best back to work story ever?

7th January 2013: Going back to work after a Christmas break is never much fun. Unlike summer holidays, you haven't got a great tan to show off and your trousers are a bit tight. Great.

But imagine if you had a really great story to regale your colleagues with. Imagine if something pretty incredible happened to you over the festive period. Something so cool, you could really entertain everyone in the office and distract them from the fact you're a few pounds heavier after Christmas...

Well for a couple in South Wales that became a reality when a major movie star turned up on their doorstep out of the blue. This couple (in the very ordinary town of Port Talbot) were just enjoying a cup of tea on the sofa when Sir Anthony Hopkins pulled up outside in a chauffeur driven limo.

Apparently Sir Anthony was enjoying a trip down memory lane when he came across the house he grew up in as a child. Deciding the opportunity was too good to be missed, he stopped outside, by which time the couple saw him and invited him in for a cuppa.

Reports say he stayed for a while, before making an offer on their house and inviting them to his luxury pad in Malibu for a little holiday.

Can you beat that for a good story to return to work with?!