The best invention ever?

18th June: There's a new umbrella on the block. It's not just any umbrella. It's the umbrella to beat all umbrellas...

The Brolly Booster.

Yep. You heard me right. Now, stick with me for a minute. I'm going to tell you why it's so amazing.

Rewind to the summer of 2009. I'm surrounded by thousands of wild, excited, sweaty Take That fans at Wembley. Gary and the boys are on stage and the atmosphere is electric. But I'm thirsty.

Turning to my husband I flutter my eyelashes and ask sweetly if he'll go and join the mammoth queue at the bar for drinks. He obliges willingly but, almost an hour later, he still hasn't returned.

Looking at my phone, I notice that not only is my battery about to die but I have no signal whatsoever. Zero. So I can't ring him to find out where he is and check he hasn't got lost. Oh dear.

And that's where the Brolly Booster would have come in extremely handy.

It's an umbrella that both recharges your phone battery AND boosts signal. And it's being made available to select festival-goers this summer.

It got me thinking about those inventions which I would love to have, but which don't yet exist. For example, how cool would it be to have a pair of hair straighteners you can quickly whizz over your hair, that would keep it straight no matter what the weather was like? I'd call them the Everlasting Hair Straighteners and market them to women like myself, who dread what the wind and rain does to their frizz-prone barnet.

Jez would like to see a phone battery that NEVER needed charging. Can't blame him really, it is a bit of a pain when your battery runs out after all.

You all totally beat our suggestions though. There were so many I've put together my top 5...

1) A remote that could turn the volume down on my children when they're having a tantrum! - Rebecca Smith

2) A self-stocking fridge - Lauren Hind

3) Lie detector glasses that I could use with my teenage daughter - Catherine Hughes

4) The ability to stop time whenever I needed a little break - Dawn Louise

5) A replica of myself that I could wheel out whenever I felt rotten or needed more sleep. It could even do the school run! - Tina Bailey