Camping: You either love it or hate it

9th July: FACT - Many an argument has been had over camping.

The very word either conjures up golden memories of being at one with nature, frolicking in the countryside and eating in the Great Outdoors, or soggy tents, uncomfortable lilo's and trekking across a field to go to the toilet at 4am.

It's fair to say that when it comes to camping, you either love it or hate it.

Which is why I'm a little worried. My husband is a Camping Hater, you see. That wouldn't be a problem in itself except for the fact I'm very much of the Camping Lover variety.

So we have a problem.

In two weeks time we'll be off on our very first camping holiday. A whole week on a Cornish campsite, with our toddler and the beach. I'm desperately excited but my husband is dreading it already.

In a compromise to the Camping vs Non-Camping argument, I suggested a spot of Glamping. This is, basically, posh camping. You don't put the tent up - it's done for you. In our case there's even a proper bed with duvets and sheets and pillows, a fully operational kitchen with fridge and microwave and a sofa. The floors are wooden and there's no hint of a lilo. But still no toilet.

Andrew Howe, the CEO of Bridge Leisure explains:

Andrew Howe - Glamping Expert

But Ruth from Lechlade wasn't so sure. For this die-hard camping fan, it's the lack of comfort that makes the whole experience what it is!

Ruth from Lechlade on camping

So how about you - are you a Camping Lover or a Camping Hater?