The debate raging across Wiltshire

12th April: I'm going to write something now that brings me great pain.

But I wouldn't be doing my duty as a radio presenter at Heart if I didn't bring this highly controversial subject to your attention. 

The matter was first highlighted just a couple of days ago. I had no idea of the strength of feeling behind the debate. But I don't want to cloud your judgment with my own opinions, so I'm just going to write this one line...

Cushions are pointless: Discuss. 


I know, I know. All you Cushion Lovers are jumping up and down, shouting at the screen right now. And you'd be right, of course. Cushions are beautiful creations, so pretty, so comfortable. They just keep giving, with their multi-functionality and addictive designs. 

But it would appear not everyone agrees. 

Producer Adrian goes so far as to say he HATES cushions. 

I reminded him that "hate" is a very strong word, but he remained determined in his stance. He is very much in the Cushion Hater corner. According to Producer Adrian, they are a waste of time. They take up too much space and they should be banned from living rooms across the country. 

And it turns out Adrian isn't alone in his hatred of our soft friends. We opened up the debating platform to you - and boy did you debate the issue! 

I was, quite frankly, shocked at the level of response we had on this burning topic...

The Great Cushion Debate

What camp are you in? Cushion Lover or Cushion Hater?