Did that really happen?

6th June: Have you ever looked back at a holiday, or a weekend, or a really great party and wonder if it really happened?

That's exactly what I did last night.

The Jubilee weekend was amazing. I chose to spend the four days in Devon at my mum and dad's new place, with my husband and almost-2-year old daughter.

It was perfect.

We ate lots of cake, barbecued a feast and drank Pimms. We spent the one non-rainy day on the beach and I watched my toddler run around in the shallows and make sand castles.

It was over too quickly!

But the best thing about this job is that it doesn't hurt to come back to work after a long weekend off. Alright, perhaps it did smart a bit when the alarm went off at 3.30am. But once I'd got over the early morning wake-up call, it was fun to be back at work.

We perused the brilliant photos our Heart Angels took at the various Jubilee street parties they popped along to in Wiltshire this weekend. And we heard some fantastic stories of perfect weekends.

How could anyone be grumpy at work when they get messages like this one:

For me the best part of the long weekend was having time to visit lots of friends and sharing our exciting news with them. Me and my wife Joana are expecting our first baby and chose this weekend to share the news! So great to spend time with the ones we love and with happy happy news :-))) We just cannot stop smiling now! - Gordy

And the experience Beth had is like something straight out of a film:

I will never forget this weekend. Me and my partner Steve went away Sunday to Cheltenham we went for a lovely lunch then to a pretty little cake shop. Then, in the middle of this little square Steve got down on one knee in the rain and asked me to marry him - I said yes and am over the moon!! X - Beth

I actually don't think anyone can beat either of those amazing weekend experiences - but I'm willing to let you try!