Don't make me eat a raw onion

15th August: I'm not doing it. You can't make me.

Shovelling raw onion into my face before 8 o'clock in the morning? Against the clock? In a race against Jez?

No thanks.

But that's exactly what author Richard Smith suggested when we spoke to him this morning. At a time when it's officially cool to be sporty, he says Britain's actually always been good at sport - even though many of our talents didn't make it to The Olympics.

His book is all about the more off-the-beaten-track sports. The weird and wonderful ones. The ones involving raw onion...

Richard has laid down the gauntlet for Wiltshire. He's challenged us to try out one of the sports featured in his book during tomorrow's show. And if you'd like to get involved, you can play along at home.

The thing is, we didn't think it was totally fair for Richard to be the one to pick the sport. So he's made three suggestions, of which we want YOU to pick ONE. It's all totally fair - you just need to vote on the poll on our Facebook page.

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So, which one are you going to choose - raw onion eating, toe wrestling or pea throwing? (Please don't make it the onion one!)