Facebook encourages showing off - true?

29th: When it comes to Facebook, are there certain people who should step away from the keyboard?

Jez reckons so.

On this morning's show he revealed that he thinks Facebook, in certain circumstances, can encourage all sorts of show-off behaviour. According to Jez, it can bring out the worst in people and make them come across all boasty when it's not what they'd necessarily do in real life.

Now, is it just me, or is this the best thing about Facebook?! When you have news, it's exciting to share it - and of course if it's good news a bit of showing off is bound to happen. Even if you don't mean it to.

And our Facebook expert Charles made a good point - that this isn't new behaviour we're witnessing. When it comes to showing off, it's been a trait of humankind since the beginning of time...

Charles the Facebook expert

But Jez is sticking firm to his point. And, to be fair, he may be onto something. Because if you imagine a world where everyone spoke in the same way as they did on Facebook, well... it would be a very different place.

Facebook show-off man

So what do you reckon? Is Facebook guilty of encouraging show-offs? Or is that the reason it's so entertaining?!