I can walk! (Barely)

25th June: I spent yesterday afternoon hobbling about the house with a packet of frozen peas strapped to each knee, with a massive smile on my face.

The cause of both - Cycletta.

It's the female-only bike ride that began at Lydiard Park and took us out through Purton and the open countryside of Wiltshire. It was beautiful. It was 40 kilometres. It was tough.

I rocked up with my best Primark leggings and old, holey trainers, feeling smug to be outdoors at 8.15 on a Sunday morning. All confidence disappeared when I realised I still wasn't sure how to work the gears on my bike. And I didn't have the fancy clippy cloppy shoes that lots of the other women were wearing.

Unperturbed, I lined up at the start line, alongside two of my Heart colleagues. As soon as the buzzer went my friends sped off, deserting me to try and work out how to get my feet into the fancy pedals of my snazzy bike, lent to me by the lovely people at Mitchells Cycles

Unfortunately, despite my *switswoo* bike, I clearly didn't look like a professional. As I prepared to speed (alright, it was more of a meander) away from the first Feed Station - complete with chocolate, French Fancies and Jaffa Cakes - a lady asked me, "Is that the first time on your bike?" Clearly I wasn't fooling anyone.

But I did it! It may have taken me 2 hours and 49 minutes, but I managed the lot on wheels. As I approached the final hill the temptation to get off and walk was HUGE. But then I realised I couldn't actually feel my legs, so I may as well stay on the saddle.

24 hours later and I still can't feel my behind. 

If you were there too, see if our Heart Angels snapped you - we've got a full gallery up (featuring *cough* the most unflattering photo of me EVER!).