I hate the rain because....

15th June: This time last year I was busy preparing for my wedding. And I was addicted to the weather forecast.

The week before my wedding I was constantly pressing refresh on various weather forecasting websites, desperate to see some sunshine. When I didn't see any predicted on one website, I'd go in search of it on another. Totally addicted.

And I bet there are loads of people who'll be doing the same today. With a pretty pants weather forecast for the weekend, it means barbecues, weddings, garden parties and all the rest of it are probably going to be deluged.


Can you tell I'm not a fan of the rain yet? It makes my hair go frizzy, means I can't hang my washing out and stops me taking my daughter to the park for the entire afternoon. I hate the rain.

But what about you? Not everyone's a total rain hater. Liz got in touch with us this morning to say she actually LOVES the rain! (I know.) She says she "loves the feeling of the rain on her skin". Hmmm. No comment.

Dick the farmer, from Eastleach, is another one who doesn't mind the rain. He rang us after I asked a pressing question. Hot topic of the day for me: do sheep get soggy in the rain?

Listen to what Dick had to say on the matter!

Dick the sheep farmer

So what about you? Are you a rain lover or a rain hater?