I need to expand my daughter's playlist

2nd August: There's very little more annoying than getting a song stuck in your head. Especially when you can't stop hearing it. Over and over and over again.

And THAT is the reason I really need to expand my 2 year old's playlist.

She's OBSESSED with this song at the moment:

My toddler loves it so much, I have to listen to it - oh - at least 50 times a day. On our recent drive to our holiday in Cornwall it kept her happy. The car journey was FOUR HOURS LONG.

It's driving me slowly mad. I hear this song everywhere. It doesn't matter what I'm doing... in the supermarket? Wheels on the Bus. On the phone to my mum? Wheels on the Bus. At work, presenting the breakfast show on Heart? You guessed it.

I can't even listen to Carly Rae Jepsen without this happening...

Wheels On The Carly Rae

I know. There's no hope.

What songs do your kids subject you to over and over and over again?!