Is Jez the only CWP in Wiltshire?

16th April: It's a confession that rocked Wiltshire. One that sparked a huge debate that got lots of people texting and our phone ringing off the hook.

Jez Clark is a CWP.

The admission came when Jez owned up to feeling guilty about something all weekend. It was a reaction to a story he heard in Chas' news bulletins on Friday.

The National Trust has released a list of 50 activities they say all children should take part in. It's to try and encourage more kids to enjoy the great outdoors. You can read the full news story here

But when Jez heard this, he broke out in a cold sweat. The palms of his hands started to itch and his mouth went dry.

This is because Jez is a CWP. Or "Cotton Wool Parent". The thought of his children frolicking in fields and playing by streams didn't make him feel all peaceful and happy. It made him stressed. He admitted that he couldn't let them do these things because he'd be too worried about them falling in dog muck, hurting themselves or splashing into the water and getting hyperthermia.

I must admit, I was surprised. I didn't think anyone would really not let their kids roll down hills or splash in streams. I just assumed it was all part of childhood. But then, I realised this morning that I am NOT a CWP.

Maybe I'm not being aware of the risks though. Maybe Jez has got it right and his approach (doing a full health and safety risk assessment when he takes his kids to the park) is the "right" one.

Opinion seems to be divided among you lot. It all kicked off on the Heart Wiltshire Facebook page, with Jez coming in for a lot of stick. Angela told him to stop being "dopey" and Jan said she couldn't understand how anyone could get through life and be an adult without having done these things.

But then Steve from Cirencester rang us with this story. AAAAAAAAGH!

Steve on CWP's

What do you think? Is Jez right to be a CWP or does he need to relax?