Kids ruin romance: discuss

22nd August: They make us beam with pride, we'd put our life on the line for them and they fill us with a sense of joy and love we never thought possible.

So why was a certain member of the Heart Breakfast team jumping for joy when his kids went off on a holiday with the grandparents recently?

As much as he loves his children, Jez reckons they're to blame for the lack of romance in his life. According to Jez, when the kids are around, he features third on his wife's list of priorities.

On their recent few days child free, Jez described scenes like something out of a romantic film. He took his wife for a day out and they relaxed with a leisurely meal, they held hands and frolicked in the sunshine. They even had a cheeky kiss by some pretty rose bushes.

None of this stuff happens normally, apparently.

So Jez has come to the conclusion that children ruin romance. Really? I mean - it might be a bit harder to keep the flame alive so to speak once kids feature, but does that mean there's no hope at all?


I love what this wise mum Lisa had to say about it all. She thinks it's a bit more complicated - and Jez should stop blaming the kids!

Lisa on kids ruining romance

And our resident agony aunt on the show - Suzanne Kimberlin - also says Jez needs to take a bit more responsibility for the spice in his love life. She's so clever!

Therapist Suzanne on kids ruining romance

So what do you think? Do kids ruin romance?