The most dangerous button on your phone

September 14th: It's something that can cause major problems. And it's just a tiny little button.

I'm on about the shopping apps you can download onto a smart phone. Time saving? Yes. Exceptionally easy to use? Yes. A potential minefield of disaster? Yes, yes and yes again.

As much as I love my shopping apps, they make one of my greatest loves far too easy to indulge in. With just one click I can purchase pretty much anything I want. And I can do it anywhere!

This is where the problem lies I think, as I recently found stumbling upon your shopping app after a couple of glasses of wine on a Friday night is, well, a hazard.

That's something journalist Kelly Rose Bradford knows only too well - she recently wrote a feature about this for Cosmopolitan Magazine...

Kelly Rose Bradford on shopping

Brian from Tetbury has a simple solution for Kelly and I - and anyone else suffering from shopping app syndrome. Not sure if it's a stroke of genius or a bit mean though?!

Brian on shopping apps

How about you? Have you ever made a wine-fueled shopping app error?!