Never as bad as you think - honest!

3rd September: It's something I used to dread from about 25th August every year.

As the long summer holidays stretched behind me, I used to look ahead to the first day of school with a mixture of dread and excitement. Dread, because it meant getting up before 8am again. And excitement because, secretly, I loved school.

Seeing my friends after such a long time without them was probably the highlight, closely followed by showing off my new school shoes. For Jez, going back to school meant the excitement of getting out his new shiny briefcase (yes, really) and polishing up his posh shoes to within an inch of their life.

But for Bev, it meant something altogether more brilliant. Have a listen and then tell us if you can beat Bev's reason for looking forward to the beginning of the new term!

Bev on back to school memories

How about you? What was the best thing about going back to school for you?