A night out with a difference

26th November: What do you get when you put a load of women together in their wedding dresses and send them off on a night out?

A surreal evening and lots of confused stares, that's what.

On Friday night I put on my wedding dress and joined a group of ladies on a night out in Swindon. The point? To wear our wedding dress - the most special dress of our life - again. When you consider how much time, energy and money goes into finding a wedding dress, it seems such a shame to only wear it once.

Walking through Swindon town centre, alone, in the freezing cold, I was starting to wonder if I'd made the right decision. I felt a bit self-conscious. I couldn't walk in my huge heels and my spanx were chafing in all the wrong places. I was so desperate not to drag my veil along the muddy ground that I carried it like a newborn baby, as I did my best not to fall over.

But once I arrived at Revolution and saw the other brides waiting for me, my nerves vanished.

After a night of laughter, drinks and much mayhem, I was a broken woman. My feet were sore, my bare arms were cold and my bed beckoned. But it was a fantastic night - even if it did prove some of the challenges of wearing a wedding dress to an event that isn't actually a wedding.

Check out the photographs here. What do you think - how do we look?!