Party envy

7th November: Have you ever had to have a night in while all your friends are out partying?

Or maybe you've been left dissatisfied with your planned evening of takeaway and slippers after glimpsing a raucous house party through your neighbour's window? 

That is exactly the way I am feeling today. I have party envy.

As I watch all the news footage and check out the pics on Facebook and Twitter of the Democrats celebrating Barack Obama's victory, I can't help but wish I was there. What a day to be in America eh? Imagine the party (if you're a Democrat that is, obviously. I doubt the Republicans are having such a good time today).

So this morning, it's a big congratulations to Barack Obama. And let's not forget his dog, Bo, who is going to be enjoying four more years in The White House. You've got to love that dog...