PDA - Cute or cringe?

24th August: Picture the scene. You're out on a sunny day having a spot of lunch with your other half in a busy Wiltshire pub. You go to hold his hand and he pulls it away, red-faced.

He is NOT a fan of public displays of affection, which is a shame really, because you are!

This happens all the time. And, apparently, it can become a problem. As couples across Wiltshire prepare to spend the weekend together, there could be sources of tension if one is a fan of the PDA and one isn't.

For example, Chris Martin from Coldplay recently indulged in a rare spot of PDA, as he dived off stage during a Coldplay gig, rushed over to his wife Gwynnie and gave her a big kiss in front of an entire stadium. Poor Gwynnie isn't a fan of the PDA, so she was left visibly embarrassed.

In this situation, Gwynnie has taken on a similar role to my husband. Like the Hollywood A lister, my husband is not keen on any form of affection in public. Holding hands? Not really. Hugging? Nope. Kissing? Definitely not. So, sometimes, to wind him up I deliberately over-exaggerate with the affection. As he cringes, I smother him in kisses. A bit like what Chris Martin did to Gwynnie.

But when it comes to the PDA, you can get no better example than the first kiss at a wedding. If you're an affectionate type, it's your moment to shine. But do any couples ever REALLY have a good old kiss in front of the guests, tongues and all?!

Anne the Registrar from Swindon is a woman who knows. Hear what she had to say about it...

Anne the Wedding Registrar on PDAs

Maybe Beth from Swindon should take note for her future wedding to Steve. Beth rang us to tell us about how affectionate he is in public - check out what he did in a square in Cheltenham!

Beth's man enjoys PDAs

So what do you think - public displays of affection, cute or cringe?