Rainy day activities for the lazy

6th July: Yeah, yeah, it's raining. The weather's been pretty rubbish and the sun seems to have deserted us.

But fear not! Because I have come equipped with some fabulously adventurous ideas for ways to pass the time in the rainy weather. They're so good, in fact, that I've listed them in true Rainy Day Oracle fashion...

1) Eat biscuits

Everyone knows rain = biscuits, right? Well it does in my house anyway...

2) Sit on the sofa in your front room

If you want to liven it up a bit, you could spend 10 minutes on your sofa, then move to the armchair. I know - I'm really full of ideas.

3) Sort out your sock drawer

This really is an exciting activity, especially if your socks consist of dark colours AND patterns. Seriously, knock yourself out.

4) Have a cup of tea

Because tea isn't just for sunshine.

5) Go to bed

And listen to the radio from the comfort of your pillow. To REALLY live the high life you could add your duvet to the mix.

Like my top tips? Amazing yeah?

Alright, I know. It better get sunny soon.