The source of relationship woe

8th August: When it comes to holidays, there's something you need to be very careful about. Especially if it's your first romantic getaway with your other half.

Because if it's a lovely hot, sunny holiday you have planned, you may be in trouble if there's a beach involved. We discovered on this morning's show that you're either a beach person or a pool person. And if your other half isn't in the same camp as you when it comes to the beach or pool, well... there's bound to be trouble.

Take Jez for example. He was moaning this morning that whenever he goes on holiday his wife drags him to the beach. Although he likes a spot of bodyboarding and making the odd sandcastle, he'd much prefer to be lounging by the pool. This is because he can't stand sand. Apparently it gets "everywhere" in "every nook and cranny" (I know - too much information) and he even ends up with it in his sandwiches.

Personally, I think he's a bit of a whinger. Yes it can be a bit of a pain trying to rub suncream all over yourself when your hands are covered in sand, but what's the point of trekking all the way to the coast and not enjoying the beautiful beaches? If Jez had his way he'd take an 8 hour flight to the Caribbean and spend the entire time by the side of a pool, completely missing out on that beautiful white sand and palm tree setting.

Lots of you thought Jez had a point though. Here are just some of the texts we received from people very firmly in the Pool camp:

I prefer the pool, but will let you know if that's true after I come back from my girls only holiday to Tenerife next month, Lol! Clarissa in Swindon

The pool is best because there's no sand! Donna in Chippenham

I like to know what's under my feet in the water - so it's the pool every time for me! Susi in Swindon

See? Told you - you're either a beach person or a pool person.

If your other half is a beach hater like Jez, but you love the soft sand and the waves, Joel from the Sandals Resort in Montego Bay in Jamaica has this advice for you...

Joel on the Beach vs Pool debate

Which club are you in - beach or pool?