A taste of my youth

30th January 2013: The soft smell of rubber, the twinkling of the disco lights and the wind in your hair as you zoom at a million miles an hour over a polished floor...

Remember roller discos as a kid? 

I was always the first to fall over. I'd see the older boys zipping really fast backwards and I'd get a bit too confident. Letting go of the wall, I'd do my very best backwards roller move only to run out of momentum and end up stuck in the middle of the rollerbooting dancefloor. And it's around then that I'd lose my balance and fall flat on my backside. 

In my head, those were the best days of my life (no, really) and rather than being pretty rubbish, I was actually pretty good. That's why I'm quite excited about showing off my moves this Friday at the 80s Roller Disco at M.E.C.A in Swindon

Apparently Adam can't actually try out his own moves due to his feet being too big for roller boots (a likely story) so I'm counting on you to come along and join me - propping me up if I happen to fall over. Please?! 

And while we're on the subject of roller discos, can anyone tell me how you actually do that backwards skating thing?!