The thing everyone is scared of

31st October: When it comes to scary stuff, there's one thing that gets the people of Wiltshire quivering at the knees.


As it's Halloween (*dons witch's hat and jumps on broomstick*) we thought we'd leave our cosy, warm studio and find out what shoppers in Swindon are genuinely terrified of. There's one thing that came up time and time again.

It's long, silent and can come at you out of nowhere. Guessed what it is yet?


Have listen to Sarah's description and see if you're any closer...

The thing people are scared of in Wiltshire

Did you guess?

That's right. Absolutely right.

The thing that has the people of Wiltshire running for the hills?

Craig Revel Horwood. Now go and give yourself a pat on the back.

Happy Halloween!