Things you learn when it's sunny

28th May: There are some things in life you can only learn when it's bright and sunny.

I've only made this discovery over the past few days, when it's been hotter than the sun and shorts have been entirely necessary.

So, here are the things I've learned since it's been sunny:

1) I would like to be either a) a toddler or b) a naturist

Sometimes shorts just aren't cool enough. Saturday was one of those days.

I spent the entire day wishing I could acceptably take all my clothes off and lounge around in the buff. But I'm not sure that would have gone down particularly well when I popped out to get some sausages for our barbecue. *sigh*

2) There is a right way and a wrong way to prepare ice cubes

Jez pointed this out to me this morning. Apparently the right way to prepare ice cubes is to fill up the tray every time you use an ice cube. The wrong way is to put the empty tray back in the freezer. I would never do such a thing. Ahem.

Aly tweeted @HeartWilts with a great tip, love her. It got Jez far more excited than it should have done. He takes his ice cubes very seriously, you know.

"Morning Jez and Molly! Empty the ice cubes into a tub. Refill the ice cube tray.Then you take the ice cubes from the tub."

3) Fringe + heat = bad hair

In my case anyway. Remember that scene on Friends where they go to the Caribbean and Monica's hair goes HUGE? Yep. That.

4) Bras are not made for the summer

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a badly fitting bra. Actually, that's wrong. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a badly fitting bra, worn on a boiling hot day.

5) Attempting to offer your husband advice while he is in charge of the barbecue is a bad idea

I must have missed the class on husbands and barbecues. I didn't realise that vitally important rule: do not interfere with barbecue cooking.

As an aside, it's also not done to complain that the food is an hour late. And CERTAINLY don't question if the meat is "properly done".


That's what I've learned - have you got any important lessons to add to the list?