Warning: This could put you off lunch

23rd April: How far would you go not to offend your friends or family?

Would you eat mouldy smarties? How about cold fish and chips? Or what about a piece of toast spread with jam and - wait for it - PICKLED ONIONS?!

These are all examples we heard on the show this morning. It turns out you are a very considerate bunch and, when faced with a plate of inedible food, you'd rather crack on and eat it than hurt anyone's feelings. Aw.

This is the situation Jez and I are facing in the not-too-distant future.

See that pic of the little boy in goggles? That's Jez's 8 year old son. He likes cooking. In this case Jez has made him wear goggles to chop an onion. Don't ask.

The thing is, Jez's son is soon likely to want to do some cooking on his own. And I expect when my little daughter grows up past toddlerhood, she'll want to do some cooking on her own too.

I remember when I was little, I got up early one morning to make my mum and dad a surprise breakfast in bed. But I had no clue what I was doing. So they ended up with raw "boiled" eggs, cold burnt toast and tepid milky tea. Gross.

But being the wonderful parents they were, they didn't want to hurt my feelings. So they ate the lot. (Or at least I think they did, their plates were clean anyway.)

It got us to thinking about those times you've been faced with the tough decision of whether to go ahead and eat the meal in front of you or risk offending the person who's made it and say, "I'm sorry. This is gross."

Here's what my very own dad had to say on the matter:

Molly's Dad on disgusting meals made by kids

He's not the only one to be faced with making such a decision. There are loads of funny stories on the Heart Wiltshire Facebook page. We especially loved what Tracey had to say:

"Every holiday I used to spend at least one day at my aunt's house. She always made us macaroni cheese and we always asked to eat in the garden .... my 2 cousins, my sister and myself used to dig holes and bury it!! On the plus side her garden was weed free!! Even now I can't eat macaroni cheese and have never made my kids eat it either."

 Poor Tracey's aunt. She unwittingly created a macaroni cheese graveyard at the back of her house!

All these stories are quite scary for Jez and I. I mean, look what we're facing.

Good job neither of us is fussy then and will eat pretty much anything. (I draw the line at jam with picked onions on toast though.)