Weird crushes - what's yours? Spill!

31st July: It's time to admit something.

We're all friends here. Let's get everything out in the open right here, right now.

It's time to confess. Dig deep and look into your soul. And now tell me who your weird crush is. Come on now - we've all got one. You know what I'm talking about. Those celebrities who aren't necessarily known for their pin-up status, but you have a "thing" for anyway. Those celebrities who you can't help having a little soft spot for - even if you know it's a bit wrong.

Jez made his admission live on air this morning. For him, it's all about Alex Polizzi from The Hotel Inspector. He loves her authoritarian tones, the way she tells people off and is quite strict, all the while using words like "darling" and "sweetie". He just can't help himself - he's putty in her hands. (Or rather, he would be, if he was speaking to her face to face and not through the telly.)

Rochelle, who commented on the Heart Wiltshire Facebook page, also has a secret "weird" crush. She's got her eye on funnyman Frank Skinner. And Sharon - again on Facebook - told us she's all about former Crystal Maze presenter Richard O'Brien. Apparently it's his legs in "those trousers" that she can't resist!

Gemma from Churcham rang us confess to the person she shouldn't (but does) have a thing for...

Gemma's weird celebrity crush

But after hearing Gemma's call, Liz couldn't wait to get on the phone and put us all right about a thing or two concerning Gemma's "weird" crush...

Liz stands up for Frasier!

So you've heard from the others - now it's your turn. Who's your weird celebrity crush? And what is it about them that you just can't resist?!