What are we going to do now?

12th August: I'll be the first to admit it - I wasn't that excited about The Olympics. A few weeks ahead of the opening ceremony I couldn't seem to join in with the mood of the nation.

But then it started.

That opening ceremony. Those athletes. Every single incredible Olympic moment. Like millions of others around the world, I was sucked in. Well and truly hooked on Olympic Fever.

And now it's over.

What are we going to do with ourselves now? I feel very much like a bride the day after her wedding. It's that post event comedown, as we try to deal with the aftermath of excitement and emotion.

On this morning's show, lots of you were feeling the same. So we tried to get a communal kick up the behind and jolt us all out of our post Olympics slump.

Sarah reminded us all it's not over yet, "We've got the Paralympics to look forward to still". And loads of you seemed to have something in common with Nicky who said, "I'm just looking forward to my holiday!". It's alright for some!

But for the people who aren't going on holiday any time soon and who can't quite get excited about Christmas yet - Nathalie Lovett from Swindon has some advice. As a professional wedding planner she's used to seeing post Olympic style comedowns every day!

Natalie the Wedding Planner on our Olympic comedown

So tell me - what are you looking forward to now? Go on - make me jealous!